White-label NFT Store Launcher
Avocado+ aspires to be "Shopify for NFTs", we believe in giving back the control to artists over the art and content they create. We want to close the bridge between web2 and web3, and introduce NFTs to the masses.
The development cycle for Avocado+ will take place in 2 stages.

Stage One

The first stage will be an API, that frontend developers can use to view, mint, sell, and create NFT collections. The whole process will work as follows :-
  • User clicks the buy button on your website’s frontend.
  • We provide the user with a payment address, and request them to make payments equal to the price of the NFT.
  • Once the payment is made, we mint the NFT (if not already minted) and send it to the user’s wallet through which they made the payment.
Some important points to note here are :-
  • You can choose between the option of minting NFTs only when a buyer buys them.
  • You can provide the buyer with a random NFT or a specific NFT, depending upon your project’s needs.
  • You can bulk upload the NFTs to our platform.
The main motive behind the API is to give full freedom to the artist on how they want to sell their NFTs.
We will charge minimal fees for handling these NFTs sales and for use of our API, those fees will be announced once the project is up and running. You will be required to pay the fees, only if your NFT is sold otherwise you can keep using our service for free. The fees will be automatically deducted from the payment made by the buyer.

Stage Two

The second stage of the project will be a full fledged store builder, where the artist is only required to choose a design, drag and drop their NFT designs and hit the publish button.
Some important points to note here are :-
  • You will be able to bulk upload NFTs via drag and drop or via using our API.
  • You will be able to choose between different of NFT store designs or build your own design from the scratch.
  • The NFT artist will be able to choose between the stage 1 style payments system or the normal wallet interaction system that we’re all familiar with.
  • Artists will have to pay for a domain name, but there will also be a free plan to allow smaller artists to get started!


Extensions will play a major role in stage 2 of avocado+, similar to how Shopify has extensions which allow you to improve the functionality of your store.
We’re in talks with many projects already about building integrations and extensions with their projects. Some initial extensions will provide functionalities such as allowing the buyer to directly list their newly bought NFT on other marketplaces, allowing buyers to buy NFTs directly via fiat, and much more.
Please reach out to us regarding any ideas you might have for any other extensions, we're open to ideas.
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