Introducing SlothFi
Official Whitepaper. Last Updated 26th November 2021.


SlothFi isn't just one single project, its a group of different apps and dapps that work towards bridging the gaps between Web2 and Web3. We're excited to release this set of apps and dapps to the world. Come join our wonderful community!


We're big fans of blockchain and all the technologies that come with it, but we've been waiting for a project that actually brings people who aren't technology abled and introduces them to blockchain and its wonderful features. While we will mostly focus on NFT based projects, we will also be building apps that help users make a sensible choice while investing in cryptocurrency projects.

Dedicated Team

We wanted to build a NFT marketplace but there are already so many of them. We realised none of the existing marketplaces solve the problem. Thus we're building projects that help artists to actually have control over the art they produce.


While we're building projects, we also wanted our users to have a stake in the project and a profit from the income we make from these projects. Thus, we decided to launch our own token SLOTH, which will be launched in February 2022.
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